Kathleen E. Dubs Foundation


Welcome to the homepage of the Kathleen Dubs Foundation! Our foundation was established to financially aid university and college students to facilitate a smooth path for developing talents.

In memoriam Kathleen E. Dubs (1944–2011)

In November 2021, 10 years after she passed away, fellow academics and former students commemorate Kathleen E. Dubs, university professor, medievalist and literary historian. She was exceptionally energetic, conscientious and not given to petty compromise. Her thorough knowledge of medieval literature and many other fields made her a respected and popular teacher. Her rigorous attitude did not make students feel ill at ease but motivated them. In conversations with colleagues she would never hesitate to give her characteristically ironic view of anything, least of all of academic life and American politics, her favourite topics. All those who knew her have fond memories of her and greatly miss her. In 2012 a foundation bearing her name was established by individuals who are all confident that studying is the best long-term investment, in order to support talented young people who need financial aid to accomplish their educational goals. Read on.

Faculty at the Institute of English and American Studies, Pázmány Péter Catholic University
Faculty at the Department of English Language and Literature, Catholic University in Ružomberok
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