Kathleen E. Dubs Foundation


The grant is available for university and college students for any purpose essentially connected to their studies: tuition fees, asset acquisition, financial subsidy for foreign scholarships.

We require a letter of motivation which contains the exact sum of the grant as well as a detailed justification as to what exact purpose the applicant wishes to use the grant for and how it connects to the appplicant's studies and why it was necessary to seek the help of the Foundation.

We also require a copy of a document which certifies the applicant's studies (official records of completed semesters, if any). The applicant must provide the Foundation with an authenticated document about their financial status.

Each member of the advisory board will comment on the applications in depth and they together will decide about the eligibility of the applicant. The main aspects of the decision are whether the application meets the aims of the Foundation and whether it would effectively promote the objectives of the applicant.The assessment of personal need will also be taken into consideration.

The winner of the grant is obliged to provide a written account of the use of the grant upon completion, and explain how it served the realisation of the applicant's purpose (in the case of asset acquisition a receipt/invoice is also required).